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We offer long or short term spelling in group or individual paddocks. 


Our paddocks have ample quality pasture.

Our fencing is Horserail fencing providing the upmost safety for your horses.

All horses are fed twice daily and rugged.

Our paddocks all have large safe shelters.

We also have safe yards and stables for injured horses or those requiring restricted movement.

We keep in constant communication with owners/trainers and send reports with photos and weights every 2 weeks.


The horses are attended to by Southern Highlands Equine Vet Clinic (Randwick Equine)  or John Crowley.

$33 per day



Give your thoroughbred the best chance to be a champion. We will improve rideability and balance making your horse more efficient, confident and educated on the track.  


Our hill gallop is ideal for building muscle, stamina and lung capacity without wear and tear on legs.

Our experience in classical riding / dressage gives us the ability to educate your horse to improve the contact, straightness and correct use of their body.

We will discuss the needs of each individual horse and work to maximise its potential.

$77 per day




A good start for a horse off the track can stand them in good stead for a successful post racing career. 

Both Sam and Nicky have spent more than 20 years re-training ex-racehorses into performance horses and strongly believe that a good thoroughbred is the greatest horse in the world. 

We can provide a service for trainers/owners looking to rehome their horses or for clients who may have sourced an OTTB and require some help with its training.

So please get in touch to discuss the options.

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